USB Rechargeable Dual-purpose Inner Buckle Portable Hair Straightener


Color: Grey


Electrical outlet: USB


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Product information:

Product category: roll and straight dual use
Thermal conductor material: tourmaline ceramic
Color: gray, white


1. Power switch: long press the power button for 2 seconds to turn on, and then long press the power button for 2 seconds to turn off.
2. Temperature adjustment: Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn on, the default gear of the machine is 160 degrees, the LED indicator of the corresponding gear flashes, when the temperature is reached, the LED light stays on, and then lightly press the power button, the temperature gear is 180 degrees , and then lightly press the power button to 200 degrees, and the corresponding LED light is on. Press it again to jump to a 160-degree gear, and cycle operations in turn. Note: During the process of heating up or cooling down, the LED light of the corresponding gear flashes, and when the temperature of the designed gear is reached, the LED light of the corresponding gear is always on.
3. Heating body: MCH, two 1 ohm MCHs are connected in parallel, and the load resistance is 0.5 ohm.
4. Temperature control: NTC temperature control
5. Automatic shutdown: It will automatically shut down within 15 minutes from the time it is turned on.
6. Battery: 21700 3.7V 4800mAH (with protection function).
7. Discharge protection: With over-discharge protection, when there is no power, the power indicator will flash 5 times continuously, and then automatically shut down.
8. Charging protection: When charging, the power indicator is on, and the temperature indicator is also used as a power indicator. When the power is lower than 30%, the corresponding 160-degree indicator flashes. When the power reaches 30% and less than 70%, the 160-degree gear indicates The light is always on, and the 180-degree gear indicator flashes; when the power reaches 70% but less than 100%, the 180-degree gear indicator is always on, and the 200-degree gear indicator flashes; when fully charged, the three gear indicators are all on , stop charging.
9. Input voltage: charging voltage 5V / 2A
10. Charging time: The charging current is less than 2.0A, and the charging time is 2.5~3H.
11. When the product is out of power during use, you can plug in the charging cable. When using it while charging, the power indicator flashes at the same time

Packing list:

Curling iron*1
Power cord*1
Packing box*1

Additional Information

Grey, White

Electrical outlet