Sweat resistant non halo Eyeliner


Color: Eyeliner set

Eyeliner set
Single eyeliner

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Product category: Eyeliner Pen
1. Exclusive patent, no glue, no magic fake eyelash
2. magic eyeliner is smooth, dry and waterproof.
3. effortless Liquid Eyeliner presents a unique film forming polymer combination, making every makeup lasting.
4. magic eyelash suit, including false eyelashes, eye liner, mascara and portable eyelash curler, is very suitable for eye makeup.
5. eyeliner is easy to remove. It can be washed or removed with hot water.
6. Natural and soft hand 3D eyelashes can be cut properly according to the shape of the eyes. For everyone.
7. The set includes three kinds of eyelashes, which are suitable for different occasions.
8. It is made of safe and anti allergy materials, and it takes about 10-15 seconds to wear easily
9. False eyelashes that can be reused. If properly treated, all eyelashes can be used about 25 times
10. MSDS and FDA certificate. The eyeliner has passed the high quality certification.
11. Eyeliner Pen: gently shake 3 to 5 times before use. After use, close the pen cover in time to avoid blocking the pen liquid

Eyeliner set: Diamond+ 856+943- eyeliner set

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Eyeliner set, Single eyeliner